Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Make Money as a Blogger

Today I have to attend a birthday bash but wanted to put up some hot topics in the blogging world and questions that are asked many times about blogging. Ill put up a few questions that you hear all the time about trying to make at as a blogger and give some quick input and will talk about it more in the future. For now, I want to serve this as a preview. On with the the

How Much Money Does a Blogger Make ?

I think this is the most vital part of it all, isn't it? From the research that Ive done and asking other bloggers on their income, it really varies. Some bloggers can make a few bucks although they don't take it seriously and hardly do much updating. There are other huge sites like PerezHilton or the the Huffington Post which make 6 digits per month. Then there are other bloggers who take it seriously who can make a few hundred bucks a month, to a $1000 or a few thousand. It really varies and in the future will explore this aspect and discuss what you should be targeting.

Another thing is maybe not to focus so much on this early on and just build a good strong site with good content where people can learn. If people like what you write, more people will come and you just build and build from that. Don't look at this as trying to make money, let money be the side effect from your helpful content.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Bloggers can make money in a variety of ways. There are different types of advertisements and ad campaigns you can use. Some advertisers will pay depending on how much page views you get, others will depending on if they click on an ad. You can also sell stuff for other sites, sell your own goods, etc. I will go into detail about this in the future. But I will say this, just enjoy writing good information to people who can benefit. I cannot stress this enough. And keep updating your site with strong content (I know I sound like a broken record, but want to stress on this.)

Can I Make Money Blogging ?

From some of the people Ive talked too, yes you can! It will not be easy, and Im serving as an experimental rat with my 200 day experiment without paying for traffic or doing 500 backlinks per day day. No spamming. Once again, and I think you know what Im going to say, focus on helping people. Too many sites Ive seen, and you can feel it to, can tell that they are focused on money. Put forth the work and help, bottom line.

How to Make Money as a Blogger 2013

I wanted to put this date out there because I really think 2013 is the year of the bloggers. Yes, make no mistake about it, bloggers will make money in 2013. Especially new and up and coming bloggers all because Google is cleaning up on sites that are cheating to make money with their algos. As Ive said before, you will see sites rank high on google based on keywords, using tons of backlinks everyday, and just pure spam. Google wants people who put out good information and who will update their stuff on a consistent basis. This is why I am experimenting because I dont want to pay some Internet Marketer hundreds or even thousands of dollars using tricks to bring in traffic.

and finally....

How to Start a Blog

You don't need tons of money or fancy HTML skills to do this. Look at me, I don't know any HTML (in fact, I hardly even know to use the template option in blogger). Basically in order to start you sign up for a free blogging site like WordPress or Blogger (which is the one Im using). From there you just start blogging about your favorite hobby or subject, post some interesting cool info that may be a use to other people and go from there. This will be a seperate article on it's own since I do want to get more into details and get my hands wet a bit more.

That is it for now, will cover these subjects as time progresses. Will update on stats and info. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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