Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 1: TheJourney Begins

Right now I sit on my bed with just me and my laptop. Im constantly thinking about that once I quit, how am I going to survive. There are people who I have lined up to rent my house. Got that checked. Have a sparse bit of money saved up. Check.

My only back up plan is all else fails is to maybe teach English say Thailand. The pay is low (about $800 per month) but at least I would feel more free out there. Ive lived partially in different countries before, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Thailand. Ive survived at those places with less but it was just for a short time.

One thing I was very good at was living cheaply but still living clean and good. I don't like hostels as they smell like someone's yesterday socks, Im not keen into having roomates yet I still found a way. (Yes, I did have roomates at times but was mainly left alone)Eating cheap is key and knowing how is HUGE. HUGE. Also budgeting fun money with regular money, etc, is important.

In the future I will share some stories about that and how I lived there. No graphic stuff of course, but some pretty interesting things I discovered along the way.

Well its time for me to get eat dinner and will post stuff throughout the week or maybe daily.
Right now I have 1 view, lol. I guess I am my biggest fan, hehe

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