Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 20: Finally Here at Last!

Just wanted to give a quick HELLO to all of my readers checking out this blog on my 200 day experiment. In case this is your first time reading this blog and are wondering what this 200 day experiment is all about (for more details check out the first few blog posts I've made on my journey), it's basically my journey from quitting a good full time job to making a living by blogging. Yes, I do understand that I'm not going to make nowhere the amount as I do in my normal job, but I will compensate this by reducing my cost of living by moving overseas.  I'm also doing this too so that others who are considering blogging but have NO computer skills at all like myself who barely know how to use a laptop have a chance.

Do I have backup plans in case if 'things don't work out'? Yes I do, but let's put it this way, I'm REALLLLLY hoping that things work out in the blogging world. And why 200 days? Because that is the time when I am leaving to Thailand from the starting point of this blog.  All leading up to....

How To Monetize a Micro Niche Blog

This is where it comes down to. How am I going to monetize this blog? This will discussed more into detail like displaying ads via AdSense or Media.Net, etc. Now some people may not be too eager to hear this kind of info on my blog but I'd rather be upfront and tell you exactly what I'm doing. I've seen a few blogs that say that getting an income from their site is of no importance.....


Then why do I see ads on their blog? Anyhow, I don't want to delve into another topic.

So let's RECAP my old goals, here is my old post from Day 1

"My main focus is to put out content for you guys on a consistent basis. Yes, right now im typing to ghosts so be it.

Between Day 1 to Day 20 I hope to gain at least two or three readers. All we have is page views on Blogger so ill go by that. So if I can get a few readers to enjoy my stuff by Day 20 on a consistent basis, ill be happy. 

Keeping it simple for now and give out good quality information.

After Day 20 I will revalauate where to go from there and see how this blog is doing. I will give you, my invisible readers (har har)...some stats here and there.

So lets recap:

Day 1-20 give quality content on consistent basis,keep a few readers. Wish me luck!!

So did I hit my goals? I would have to say a YES, although I wasn't perfect. I wanted to post more consistently (like everyday) though still not too shabby. And did I gain a few readers? Yes I did! My average page views per day now is around 20 per day.

Now time for some new goals for days 21-40.

And here they are:

1. Continue to post consistently with good quality stuff.
2. Cross your fingers and hope readers can spread the word. My goal for now is to hit 75-100 page views on average (yes, I agree that is not the best point and I shouldn't worry about things like page views, but it's a pretty good barometer to see if readers are checking my stuff).

I know some are chuckling in the blogging world for making lofty expectations, but I really want to push things now into a higher gear. On one hand I am patient though on the other hand I do have 200 days to see if I can really see if my dreams of blogging for a living can come at least somewhat true and hopefully inspire others.

I will also do stats update throughout the days. Part of me feels like I won't make my goals since now Im reaching a bit high in a short period of time, but the other part of me fees like it's worth taking a shot at such a goal and see where it falls. Again, I thank you all for supporting me!

One last thing, I do have another goal. Here is my site under Alexa (yes, I know it's not the most accurate and it can really vary, but I still like using it as a basic barometer.

Alexa Rank:

Let's see if I can reach under 4,000,000 range in that time span. I know that rank is not impressive at all but I just want to see if there is an improvement in that time frame.

That's pretty much it everyone! Im pretty happy to see how much this site has grown in a short period of time, let's see where the chips fall in 3 weeks!

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