Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Blog For a Living (part 2)

In part I I went through a brief overview on how to blog for a living. In part 2 here I will continue on how to blog for a living and how it is possible.

When trying to make some income by blogging, as I discussed earlier, one can move into another country (will speak later in this article for those who don't want to relocate) where the cost of living is cheap. One place I am going to move to is Thailand. One person can live there for $600-$800 a month.

So lets say you start blogging by putting down some good content, people like what you read, and people started to spread the word around of your blog....you can build some income from that.

It is not impossible to make that $600 + a month if you work hard and people like what you wrote and they spread the word. Perhaps to get to that goal it may take 6 months, maybe sooner than that, maybe it might take a little longer.

Say you are a single person working in some dead end job not making the best of income and you are slaving yourself away for the boss/company, you might want to open your eyes a little bit.

How would you like to be in a beautiful tropical place eating some delicious food (arguably the worlds best), have close access to a beach, a lively nightlife (depending where you are if course), be surrounded by some of the nicest people....while you be your own boss!!?

Believe me, it is possible! It may be slow and hard to get to that goal but it is certainly possible! How would you like to travel around the world exploring new cultures while telling the world what you learned? 

This is what I'm trying to do myself. Now it is wreckless and quit your day job without a backup plan. What is that backup plan?

1. Have another job which you can fall back on if you quit. For me this would be teaching English to kids if all else fails. If that doesn't work out I will try to be a dealer again either in the states or say Asia where the casino industry is booming.

2. Have some back up money. The amount of money I will bring with me will cover 6 months to a year worth of living in Thailand if all else fails.

3. This is of course obvious but visit the other country with a cheaper cost of living you want to decide to moving. 
Do you like Costa Rica? Visit there a few times and try to go for an extended stay when possible. When you are there, do it as you are living there. That's right, no $100 dinners at the hotel or snorkeling lessons at a private island.

In future articles  i will explore on some great countries to relocate where it's clean, hospitable and cheap. Where you still can do many of the things you like to do such as watching movies, window shop at certain botique stores, etc.

And now for the people who want stay put where they are. You still can make some extra income doing this part time. Once again, I will be your experimental rat to see how it works out. And I know nothing about HTML or any of that tech stuff.

Stay tuned for more articles like..

How To Live in Thailand For $600 a Month

Sounds hard to believe but I've done it and I lived good most of all!

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