Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 18: Stats and Video?

Excuse the little absence of not posting the past few days as Ive been prepping up some stuff for the site.

FIRST: I got a hold of a good quality video camera which is great for shooting some youtube clips. I am tired of having to depend on my crappy IPhone camera (the 4 version) to get some good pics. And if you expect me to shoot some video with my phone, forget it. Id rather put the money to get a good quality camera and give you guys some quality videos.

Now let's get on to some stats. Stats thus far have been pretty good. My site is still young though I was hoping to be a bit higher at this point. Again, Im relying on page views at the moment (just installed google analytics so can't do visitors yet) and averaging right around 20 page views per day. Not too shabby with the site being not even 20 days old. I will do an update on stats in a few a days to discuss goals, plans and what Im going to do in the future.

Will do an update on Living in Thailand series tomorrow perhaps, stay tuned!

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