Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MY 200 Day Expirment of Blogging 4 A Living

Well, where to start. Should I talk about myself first or should I just get to the point of my blog? Ill do the latter.

The point of this blog is to break from the system. What system you ask? The system of working for a company/boss on a rigid schedule. Pretty much wake up, brush teeth, shave, rush to put on your work clothes, sprint to car and speed off to work.

The system of clocking in and going through the daily grind. You know what I mean, put in long hours of work, come home to barely catch some dinner and off to bed.

To me that is NOT life. That is the rat race that we face everyday. Work, sleep and eat. Whatever happened to living? Whatever happened to enjoying things in life instead of sitting in a cubicle wasting the day away.

I work in a pretty good job at the moment, making around 70K a year as a casino dealer. Mid 30s guy where people tell me all the time I have potential, yada yada (potential for what, to be a Pit Boss wearing some overpriced suit?) I should be happy with life because Im making decent money flipping cards right? Not at all. My job is not bad, its just it takes a huge effect on you mentally because you see people lose their life savings right in front of your face. One minute they are your best friends because they think you made em rich in blackjack, then the next minute they hate your guts.

My goal in this blog is simply this. Make enough income SIMPLY WRITING or I guess BLOGGING. That is it. I am about to quit my job here as a dealer and looking forward to living in another country where the cost of living is around $600- $800/month. And I want to do it with ZERO MARKETING. Just writing. NOTHING ELSE. No fancy '''keywords''' or paying for someone to spam traffic. Just simple stuff. I am a member already to a few blogs so will continue with the same.

My family already thinks Im crazy for quitting a good job to run off to some country (Thailand, where cost of living is cheap as I "semi" lived there).But im tired, REALLY tired of the zombie daily grind. I want to wake up to fresh air, I want to go out and meet people, do things,take more hobbies, check out what nature has to offer..you know...LIFE!

But basically this forum will be used to explain my travelling adventures in the past as I lived in different countries. etc.
Thanks for reading this.

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