Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to Blog For a Living

Here with a calm warm Saturday evening update as I type away on my IPhone. If I can type over 500 words it will be a miracle on this Blogger app. Anymore than that and I should be eligible for the next Summer Olympics.

So yes, how can I make some money blogging while living the life? This is a question one might ask, and a question that passes by someones head and is soon forgot as yesterday's dream. This is why I'm doing this experiment because I believe it is possible.

Does this mean changing how you live if you want to blog for a living? Of course! If you are like me and have a good job, with a good car, decent place to live, go out to town....then change is required. At least in the beginning.

Take me for instance: I make roughly $70k + a year which comes out to 4-5k a month after taxes. Hate to break it to you but don't expect to make that much blogging from the start. Even people with their own site (from what I've checked) with years of experience, all the knowledge of Internet marketing, being an expert on the tech side...etc, still barely see half of the amount I just said. Or even a quarter or some even a tenth.

My theory, and this is being a newbie is that they focus way too much on the marketing side of things like shortcuts on how to gain traffic. Personally I don't think there should be shortcuts. How about being interesting or helping people.

So why again do I think it's possible to blog for a living if the income is low to start with (and that's if I can even get income)? Because of my experience of living in different countries, that is why.

I've lived mainly in Colombia, Costa Rica and Thailand besides the United States. One can live in Costa Rica for a $1000 a month. I can live in Thailand for $600 a month while still eating good and enjoy some hobbies (will do a separate article on that soon). And not only that, but my life was so much better. I ate healthier, I looked better, I felt better, no problems with stress and depression as I do so here.

Did I have a good 3 bedroom house and a good car to drive while I was staying in those countries? No. But was I still living good, clean and safely (can't really give the green light yet in some parts of Colombia as for safety, but the main city Bogota I give a green light)? Yes.

If you are trying to live in the US (especially in areas where cost of living is higher), trying to blog for a living is going to be harder. You can live like a king for $2000 a month in those countries I mentioned, but in the US, you are barely getting by. But don't give up on the dream to blog for a living. Start it slow, do it part time and let it grow. Let me be your experimental rat to see how far it goes.

I will continue on this subject as I have so much information to share. Will focus on why you may want to look at other countries to relocate if you are the adventurous type like myself. See you tomorrow.

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