Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 10: Update on Stats and Other Stuff

Hello everyone and once again, to the very few readers reading, thank you very much for reading my stuff. I do appreciate it and even to have one person read helps with my motivation to keep posting some stuff.

First off, I want to bring some site updates. Ill start off with some plans. I am planning to redesign this site a bit because the content Im posting gets left behind. I want to organize some stuff, perhaps put a better background and just clean it up a bit. This should give you guys a better experience when coming to this site.

As for stats, I really have nothing to go by other than bloggers vague stats. I need to apply Google Analytics soon to get a better feel of my site. All I have is page views for now which is not the most helpful but better than nothing.

When I first started many days I will get a few pages here and there. I had one day where I got 2 page views and that could have been myself from checking on the Iphone. I was reading some blogs that failed because they didn't the traffic they had hoped and just quit posting.


Im going to do this for 200 days strong, whether one person reads or a billion reads it (LOL!). So the drumroll for Page Views....

Im averaging about 10 page views the past couple days! I average 10 page views per day and Im pretty pumped. I know many big blog sites are laughing at me for this but at least I know there are readers here.
Again, I don't want to go by page views, I want to go by how many people are checking my stuff out.

And I would rather take a few faithful readers than a ton of people just coming to my site just to visit. Loyalty and dedication is HUGE for me for anything, whether it would be for relationships, friendship and stuff of that nature. Im a rebel that way I guess.

That is all for now, will bring more stat updates in the coming days and Im telling you, 2013 is the new year for blogging! Spam sites go AWAY and HELLO to REAL BLOGS giving out useful info!

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