Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Ads on My Blog

New ads on my blog. As you can probably see I got some new ads on my blog. They are not from Google's Adsense as I am saving them up later once I really fix up the site nicely and get some more real content going.  Instead I opted for Chitika's ad services to see how things shape up. I've heard mixed opinions on their payouts, services, etc. but I wanted to experiment how Chitika stacks up.

So why did I decide to put some ads on my blog? A for a variety of reasons. No, I don't need the money now as I doubt making $. 02 (yes, that is 2 lincoln pennies) a day is really going to help with my living contributions. And I'm not exaggerating or anything of that nature when I say I will be making 2 cents a day. Because I figure that's what I will average.

Getting 50 Page Views Per Day

I am not even getting 50 page views per day so why am I even bothering with getting ads in the first place with low amounts of people coming to the site? Even though the site is still growing little by little?
That's because I want to experiment how it feels like to be a publisher working with an advertising agency. I want to see how people feel where I place ads. I want to see how the site looks, loads, and all of that stuff.

How Do I Make Money as a Blogger

This is my end goal while providing content with you and learning something from it. Learning do's and don'ts, what's the best advertising site, etc. I have ZERO experience with HTML. In fact, placing the ad banners was a bit of a pain since I barely knew how to place them. I have ZERO marketing experience when it comes to the internet. I am slowly spreading the word through a few blog comments. I did try one forum about my weight loss journey but stopped because I hurt my hamstring and lost motivation (although I am getting back into the exercise routine, stay tuned). But I do want to fall, make mistakes, and learn from them. My trip to living in Thailand is getting closer and closer and I need to make strides.

Stay tuned for more stuff and yes, I will get to the Thailand stuff!

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