Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 7: a Quick Stats Update ( And a Thank You to my Two Readers!)

This is really too quick to post perhaps but at least I wanted to post this as a reference guide when I look back in the future.

The stats in one way is kinda depressing and not really worth posting, though I do see a few readers coming so thanks for checking the blog!

My main goal is to slowly build with 2 or 3 reader and go on from that. I want to dish out some good info and if that makes at least a peep or two happy then I am on the right track.

I don't want people to visit my site and not stay. If they can learn something I post or relate to my feeling then nice.

There is tons of work that needs to be done on this site for example like the layout and design which I am going to work on soon. The generic template  is my starting for now.

Will post my stats update again soon and we shall see how I do by day 20.

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