Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 22: Update on Alexa Ranking!

This question pops in my head all the time...which is this..

Can I Make A Living By Blogging?

And while part of me gets a bit pessimistic with doing this, it's stuff like what I discovered today that adds fuel to my fire. Read on....

I just finished doing a nice cleansing on the blog trying to get rid of some spam that was showing up as page views.After days of waiting, I finally applied Google Analytics to see how many visitors are coming to the site. Some days it looks REALLY depressing and other days it makes me go WOW.

Just not long ago I decided to do another check up on Alexa to see if there has been any change. Much to my surprise there was a change, a BIG change. My Alexa ranking improved BIG TIME. I'm not sure what did it because it's not as if a big wave of people came to the site to read every article or anything. I know some may think Alexa ranking is not important, but for now, Ill take the improvement. Any good boost for my pysche is very helpful at this stage of blogging.

So what was the Alexa Ranking?


Yesterday it was in the higher 4,000,000s. This is a huge improvement though I still have ways to go! My goal for Alexa is to get in the under 1,000,000 range by September. Take note also that I do NOT have an Alexa toolbar installed at the moment which helps with Alexa rankings.

I will also get to the other part on Thailand as I've been writing my draft on this blog. Some good stuff to read that you might learn which was quite helpful for me to live there. On a closing note, thanks once again for reading the site and stay tuned as I have some good stuff coming out soon!

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