Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 21: Blog Continues to Grow!

I was about to do a third part of my Living in Thailand series but I still wanted to save that for another day. Just wanted to post a site update and share with everyone of what is going on. So how can a blog with a  micro-niche grow without hardly any marketing? Beats me, but I can at least guess. One part I believe is sharing your experiences on a particular subject. One that I know quite well is living in other countries for pennies on the dollar.

How can you live in Costa Rica for pennies on the dollar?
Is it possible to live in Colombia for under a $1000?
Can a person retire in Thailand with small income?

These are some of the areas that I know pretty well and have actually LIVED and will LIVE. Anyhow, onto the blog news

My blog has been slowly but steadily growing. Right now my average after 21 days is approaching the 30 per day range. Again, for some people, getting 30 page views per day on a blog is not a big deal, but for me any kind of growth is great news. If people continue to come to this blog and learn a little something from it, Im very happy.

Soon I will clean up this blog and use a real domain name that anyone can easily remember. This blog will also get a nice face lift yet keeping it clean and simple. I'm going to separate this blog into different sections:

- One for articles in relations to living in different countries
- One for my daily journals and musings
- One for my weight loss goals which is kinda part of my 200 day transformation.

That is all for now, I'm pretty damn hungry right now and need to feast on some frozen organic blueberries. YUM!

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