Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Don't Want to Be Chubby Anymore

I Dont Want To Be Chubby Anymore

Have you ever looked at the mirror in the bathroom and didn't like what you saw. This is what happened to me. Grabbed the IPhone and snapped up a quick of myself. Eeek.

Just like the title of my post, it is true, I am tired of being chubby, sluggish and unhealthy. This blog is not just only my 200 day experiment, but a transformation of healthier and clean lifestyle. Before I make my big move towards the end of the year, I want to start getting healthy right now. 

One thing that Ive been good is on nutrition (and even how to use supplements to get someone's desired goal). The thing is that I have not been applying anything lately and just passing time. It also doesn't help that my shoulder is not good which makes it hard to do some weight training at the gym. So I'm going to do something really unconventional that probably goes against the grain of what people tell you in the gym or whatever. 

I am not going to go to the gym at all. That is right. NO GYM at all. Why am I not going to the gym? For a lot of reasons. One is that I can save time and money. Tired of paying gym memberships month to month with nothing to show for. This was me in the past. Add to the fact that if I want to move to another country and save money the best way I can, I might have to nix going to the gym.

Then there is the time issue. I don't want to have to drive for 15-20 minutes to get to the gym and additional 15-20 minutes to drive back.

I want the exercise to be nice and simple. 

So what exercise will I be using to get lean? SPRINTING.

When you watch the Olympics, which athletes looked ripped and strong? That is correct my friend, sprinters. Sprinters are some of the leanest athletes with well built physiques. I believe why hunters or cavemen were lean (aside from a super nutritious diet) was the fact that they had to sprint for a very short brief time to chase an animal.

Sprinting raises your metabolism like no other and there is science to prove it. I will talk about that later in a future article but for now I want to briefly touch upon sprinting's fat burn capabilities.

One of the ways sprinting burns so much fat is a process called EPOC which stands for Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Basically your body is trying to recover from such an intense session due to lack of oxygen so all sorts of interesting things happen in your body.

Sprinting raises hormones naturally such as Growth Hormone (yes, the very expensive anti-aging hormone that is the fad for old folks trying to recapture their fountain of youth). It raises catecholamines which includes norepinephrine, dopamine, etc which are all fat burning hormones. 

This will be my main exercise for now and I will start out slow and easy. Doing wind sprints will make your legs extremely sore and will take days to recover.  After I start out nice and slow and once my body adapts, I will push it even further. For example if I start out with a 2 or 3 sprints in the first week, I will increase to 3 to 4 the following week until I can do some sprints almost everyday.

Note: You don't have to do sprints everyday to get the full fat loss effects. Just a few times a week. I remembered about 10 years when I experimented I got excellent results just doing a few times a week.
I just want to push the boundries this time since my goal is for fast fat loss. Then once I reach my goals I will do maintenance amounts to continue to get lean but without having to do sprints all the time.

I will do some strengthening exercises as my shoulder starts to get better but I am not going to the gym to pump iron. Rather I will do these exercises at my home or perhaps at a park that I live next to which I can walk by.

Also walking. I love walking because its easy to do and just a good way to get blood moving around.

My diet for right now will be very simple yet with an interesting modification. I will reveal later on as time goes by but for right now I just want to clean up my diet a bit. No more gluten products like bread, pasta, and the likes. Will focus on some high antioxidant berries, chicken, grass fed beef once and awhile, free range eggs, that kind of stuff. Will not be super strict either. Will have some cereals and perhaps ice cream at times (cereals of course will be gluten free). Also going to use Thai fruits and herbs which is beyond super nutritious and great for anti-aging properties. Thai people way younger than your typical average American. Hmmm...could it be from what they eat? 

I will also take in some Coconut Oil as this is AWESOME for giving energy and also for boosting metabolism. For sure I will do an article on this, one of the most underrated things to help one persons body.

Will try not use any scales or anything but I will post starting weight. Simply because I believe sprinting will melt the fat and build muscle which may not show on the scale. Yes, I really believe a diet similar to what cavemen/hunters ate along with exercise patterns they did, it will transform your body. It will take time, but I will get to my goals.

Updates on this will come as it goes.

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