Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 11-- Live in Thailand for Pennies on the Dollar?

Hello everyone and welcome to another update! I hope your morning coffee is waking you up today with a good day ahead. As for updates, my diet is coming along fine although it got a little sloppy due to a party I had to attend. My rule for going out to a big social function (like a party) is to not worry about dieting so much yet at the same time, not to go overboard. I usually eat whatever I want but in small portions.

If there is fried chicken, Ill eat some but in small amounts. Pizza? Grab me one slice please. Birthday cake? I usually end up eating half of eat. The key is not to go gorge. I consider like a snack.

It's been tough for me to exercise since I have a small tear in my hamstring which is making it near impossible to sprint. Ive been doing some light walks and mild jogs. Hopefully in a few days I can go sprinting. Will also bust out my Hamburger Diet which you will love! I can shed TONS of fat while eating burgers on a daily basis! Stay tuned!

For site updates, I decided to switch the templates a bit. It's quite ugly but it is just a test for now. I am going to get a decent webmaster just to clean up the page a bit. Nothing too drastic or crazy, just nice and simple. My goal is for a clean and simple layout, yet refreshing. Perhaps a tropical background, not sure yet.

I want to start posting twice a day if possible. Which relates to my next topic, traffic.

The traffic on my site has been good for being new, but it is very sporadic. Meaning most of my traffic comes in a certain time slot which is usually the morning hours of my time (Pacific Standard). It looks like my readers are used to seeing post at a certain hour thus having to check only once.

I want to start posting twice a day so that way you can check back on some interesting updates later in the day.

So whats on tap for this week? 

How To Live in Thailand for $600 A Month

This is a topic I REALLY want to cover! Ive been to so many forums saying that you need at BARE MINIMUM a $1000 to live just to survive! HA! And this is for a single person according to many posters at these forums!

The truth of the matter of fact is that you can live good for less than a $1000 a month in Thailand. No, you don't get out of the plane and start doing that. It takes discipline and practice.

If you practice good living habits and know how to manage certain things, it can be done. If you practice good eating habits, knowing how to time it, etc, you can succeed living cheap there. If you manage your money wisely not just looking for deals but knowing WHEN to spend it, you will succeed living cheap in Thailand. 

I am pretty vague but will go more into detail. No I will not talk about how to get a visa, what type of visa to get, etc. This subject will strictly be talked about basic living habits from month to month. This will be broken into a two part series.

Live Very Cheap in Costa Rica

I was thinking about doing this topic soon but might save it down the road as I want to focus on Thailand. I will say this, that Costa Rica is a bit more expensive than Thailand when you compare city living. But when I mean expensive, I don't mean by a huge difference. It's just that a $1000 goes further in Thailand than in Costa Rica.

That is all, keep reading the site guys and will talk again!

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