Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Weeks To Relaunch

Once again, thanks for the patience of the readers checking out this site frequently on the latest happenings. We are two weeks to relaunch of what I think will be pretty friggin' revolutionary in terms of traveling, living, etc all abroad. I really would love to explain  on what the site will be about but I feel it is best to wait for relaunch.  Expect some very cool features and tools that will hopefully answer your questions of living abroad and trying to make a bit of extra coin. As I said before, this site will cater to everyone (more specifically to retirees though really it will be for anyone who wants a change in their lifestyle) looking to live abroad and cheaply.

Im in the process of cleaning up my house and moving some stuff. Im pretty busy for the next few weeks but when I am done with everything, the relaunch will occur. Two more weeks so stay tuned!

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